May 9th, 2018

Did you know adding in flowers is the quickest and easiest way to brighten up and add life to any room of the house?

If you’re looking to transform the different rooms in your home with a new look without actually going under renovation, we have a listed out five different fun ways to liven up space in your home with beautiful flowers.

1) Skip the traditional vases and containers. Bring out the creative side in you and find something around your house that can be used as containers for your flower arrangement. Maybe you have empty wine bottles lying around? Give them a good wash and fill them with after before placing your fresh flowers inside. Other unique containers can be used teacups and a watering can. Remember, use your imagination!

Creative Pots

2)If you are looking to brightening up your kitchen without completely renovating the whole room, consider adding flowers. Accessorising your kitchen with flowers in different colours can perk up your kitchen. Displaying white or yellow flowers if you have a dark kitchen can lighten up the room.

3) Sometimes we don’t consider putting in flowers in the bathroom because of the limited natural light and the excessive humidity that takes place. However, adding in flower decorations in your bathroom will make it look and feel extra fresh than it was before.

4) Flowers has been proven to bring positivity and joy to many people. Different flower arrangements can set the mood of your bedroom from calm to cheery. Consider putting a bright bouquet of sunflowers in your room to give you that happy start to your day as you see it first thing in the morning. And it will add that extra bit of brightness as the day turns to night.

Creative Pot For Sunflowers

5) The living room is usually the place in our home where we put extra effort to make it look cosy and comfortable as much as possible. We welcome our guests to the living room, and to make a good impression, we make the living-room look ‘homey’ as possible for them. You can never go wrong using white flowers in the living room because they go with almost any interior design.

Here in Mad Flowers, we have a range of different flowers that will help liven up the different rooms in your home. You can also contact us here if you need any assistance in choosing flowers.