November 14th, 2018

It’s that time of year again; well almost. As the long winter has begun and the festivities of December beckon, now is the time to get your house in order. One of the most important and certainly most enjoyable parts of the Christmas season is turning your house into a sparkling embodiment of the Christmas spirit. It can be a fun way the get the whole family involved, but also will help improve your mood and get you excited for the season. This applies to those just putting a piece of mistletoe above a door, or those turning their home into a Hollywood Christmas movie house. Lets take a look at ways that you can add Christmas flavour to your home.

1. Christmas Wreath

The first you see when arriving home every day should be a beautiful Christmas Wreath. In History, The Greek God of Victory “Apollo” is often depicted as wearing a wreath on his head, leading many Romans hanging wreaths on their doors as a sign of victory or achievement. The tradition is now associated with Christmas in the modern world, showing your neighbours or visitors that you have made the effort this Christmas. There are different types of wreaths to hang, including ones with red berries, baubles, small synthetic flowers, bells, ribbons and more. Look around before making your decision, or even consider making your own!

Christmas Wreath

2. Decorate your mantle piece

A mantle piece is a perfect place to showcase your decorative imagination over Christmas. The setting is conducive with long, overhanging branches of a Christmas tree down the sides. This, with some tinsel and more of those decorations (including Christmas lights!) you have stored in the attic turn your interiors into both a lively and warm home. This includes Christmas flowers sprinkled within ideally those of red or cream variety. If your mantle is over the fireplace, with Christmas cards above and a fire alight beneath, you will capture everything great about Christmas in this one picture.

 Decorate your mantle piece

3. Mason Jars

This is where you can get creative. If you are the type of person who has some empty Mason jars lying around, Christmas is the perfect time to put them to good use. Decorating these can be a lot of fun, and also the easiest work you will do this holiday season. It is up to you to put whatever Christmas decorations inside them that you want, ideally some greenery, berries, even a lit candle or Christmas lights. Make an assortment of them for full effect.

4. Candle

Another decoration on the simple side is a candle, ideally large with a seasonal scent, with foliage or flowers wrapped around or placed beside it. The lit candle adds warmth to any room, and also puts the spotlight on the decorations accompanying it.


5. Mistletoe, Pine Cones and more

The most important thing about Christmas decorations is to make them your own, and to try and be unique. You can fun decorating and coming up with ideas of to get your house ready for Christmas. Try and use pine cones where possible, particularly silver ones. Mistletoe is always a must have on Christmas too. Your Christmas tree is a great place to get creative too, so don’t be afraid to add personal favourites to make the tree your very own.