December 21st, 2017

With the cold and rainy weather making us all wanting to stay dry and warm inside, we can’t help but look forward to the sunny days ahead, where the flowers are blooming and being surrounded by beautiful colours. We can’t wait to be walking around, enjoying the breath-taking gardens that Ireland has to offer, which is why we’ve listed our top five gardens you should visit!

1) National Botanic Garden, Dublin

Founded in 1975, the National Botanic Garden in Glasnevin holds over 15,000 local and exotic plants in which 300 of them are endangered. It is a beautiful and peaceful garden that allows you to explore and learn about the different species of plants, this also considered to be one of the best free attractions in Dublin.

2) Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow


The Powerscourt Garden sits at the foothill of Wicklow’s mountains. It’s stretched over 47 acres and was voted number 3 in National Geographic’s Top 10 Gardens in the world. It has all kinds of gardens such as the Italian, Walled and Japanese and garden and is a favourite family spot for picnics.


3) Altamont Garden, Co. Carlow


Altamont Garden has been considered being the most romantic garden in Ireland. It is over 100 acres wide and dates back to the 1720s when the house was built by the St. George family. It has a charming blend of formal and informal garden vibe and is home to native and exotic plant species.


4) Victorian Walled Gardens – Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway


The beautiful Victorian Walled Gardens is just one mile west of the main Abbey building, near the Connemara mountains. Only plants and vegetables are grown in the garden today as it did back then during the Victorian times. And it is the only garden in Ireland that is located in the middle of a bog.


5) Garnish Island Gardens, Co. Cork


Our last garden may require more effort to get there as you would need to take a ferry to cross to the island. The Garnish Island Gardens has a sheltered location in Bantry Bay, Co. Cork and with the impact of the Gulf Stream, it has created a microclimate on the Island which allows exotic flowers to grow. Very different to all the other gardens you see around Ireland!


Some may think that these gardens are only suitable to see during the summer, but they are equally as beautiful in the Winter especially if there’s snowfall. Let us know if you’ve have visited any of the above gardens and what you thought!