A Valentine’s Day like no other! Here are our best ways to show appreciation for our Valentine whilst coping with COVID in a lockdown. Thank goodness we can at least send some flowers to brighten up her/his day and yes of course we have the usual dozen red roses, but we have a myriad of other gifts too, I’ll tell you all about them, just follow along.

This Valentine’s Day we are all going to think outside the box if we really want to show our love and caring for our better half.

No point getting bogged down in this lockdown, let’s stay positive and keep the best side out, let’s look on the bright side …. With the country in lockdown many of you have more time on your hands …… use that time and get creative for Valentine’s.

How about tulips instead of roses this year? Tip toe through the tulips with me!

You may not be able to impress with fur coats or jewelry, you can’t even go for some fine dining, but hey she’s gonna love ya when she gets a bouquet of 100 Rich Red Roses delivered to the door with a card message that she can treasure for ever.

Start Early

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, which gives you the opportunity to celebrate the whole weekend so start getting creative. From Friday 12th run a hot bath filled with loads of bubbles put a Relaxing Diffuser or an Organic Wax Candle in the room to create a romantic aroma, something like pink grapefruit and champagne would be nice.

Movie Night?

Pick out some of her favourite romcoms and watch back to back with some prosecco and handmade chocolates. {Just the two of you}

Let’s be Vintage

Don’t send text messages, write a letter instead! You can post it ahead of Valentine’s Day or just place it on the breakfast tray beside the cornflakes. A text is forgotten in minutes, a letter lasts forever.

If you’re not up to letter writing then try sticky notes! Yep like post-it with cute little meaningful messages, and pop them everywhere, on the mirror, back of the door, hairbrush handle, inner flap of her handbag, on the bottle of bubbly, pillow, fridge – both outside and inside, yes I mean everywhere.

Get the Tech Apps Involved

Get some of you best photos printed and display all you favourite time together in one frame as a montage, yes this takes time, but TIME we’ve got right! Best part is nowadays you can order them online & have the collage delivered all ready to go.

Moon Walk?

Go for a socially distant night walk and enjoy the moon & stars. Do a little google search beforehand so you know which one is the north star and maybe pick out the plough and point to a spurious star that’s glowing extra bright and tell her softly “this one’s for you”.

Let’s Eat!

Dinner ……. So you can’t go to a nice restaurant for dinner, but you can get a nice takeaway delivered …. “Not the same thing” I hear you say, well that’s true but you can make if very special. Take a shower and dress up in your best suit and tie, ask your partner to glam up too as if going out somewhere posh. Set the table ahead of time and don’t for get to dress it with some beautiful flowers — our Pink Winks Bouquet would be perfect, have a scented candle burning too to give that romantic table the finishing touch, oh, and don’t forget the chocolates for desert.

If you’re fed-up with takeaways why not go all out, and prepare a feast fit for a queen!
There’s lots of easy cook recipes on YouTube just pay attention to heat and timings … you’ll fly it. {Have a Dozen Roses on standby just in case you don’t, nah, you’ll be grand}