January 29th, 2019

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Every year, girls have trouble finding out what to get their man for Valentines Day. Guys have it easy; flowers, chocolates, dinner, but what can women get that guys will genuinely want? Can I get them flowers? We here at Mad Flowers know the struggle, and are here to help.

We are asked year in year out for help, so we have come up with the definitive list of what to get him for Valentines Day!


1.Roses & Teddy

The age of myth of flowers being for females only is dead. The world has changed drastically in the last decade, an no longer are roses, chocolates and teddys restricted to women. There is nothing more romantic for either men or women than 12 red roses, so get past the sexist stereotype and treat your man to a real traditional Valentines Gift this year. Purchase your gift here.

Roses & Teddy

2. Craft Beer

Ok this one might be a stereotype…but men love beer! A selection or hamper of craft beer has become an increasing popular gift for men in recent years. The trend in craft beers has caused a spike in popularity with men young and old, so check out the link here to to get shopping.

 Craft Beer

3. Google Home Mini

Based on the most popular Christmas gifts, the Google home mini went down a treat with men in Ireland. The advent of smart technology in the home has been met with resistance by some, but at the price of just €45, this one is hard to turn down. Get this in  PC World, but be warned, your man might have a new best friend!


4. Event Tickets

There is plenty happening in Dublin and Ireland this year. Tickets to a show leads to date night, making it the ideal present. We have taken a look at some potential shows to attend in the coming months


Event Tickets

5. Cologne

Make sure your man is smelling the way you want him to on Valentines Night. Always a safe and popular gift, aftershave and shower products are the type of essential that men might forget to buy themselves, but are grateful of it come Christmas Day/Valentines/Birthday. View a selection of gifts here.


6. Vouchers

You cant go wrong with a voucher, even if it isnt very imaginative! Choose something a little bit obscure, rather than a oneforallvoucher, but vouchers for individual restaurants and activities are more thoughtful, and more likely to be used.


7. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are great ways of being active with your date. They are suitable for 2 people, but involving other couples and making it a double date can make for even more fun! Some popular Escape Rooms in Dublin include….Book yourselves in and surprise your man to whats sure to be an exciting evening!


8. Personalise Gifts

A thoughtful gift might be to personalise an item of your choice on the likes of notonhighstreet. They have a selection of gifts such as wallets, glass sets, frames, wash bags etc that you can personalise with whatever message you choose


Whatever you choose to get your man, remember its the thought that counts, and there is not need to break the bank! If you are looking for flowers and gifts, visit our dedicated Valentines page here.