October 17th, 2018

Top 10 best smelling Flowers

We all want different things from our flowers, but we can all agree theres nothing better than the sweet fragrance of a fresh bouquet. Different flowers carry different scents, so weve compiled a list to make sure you purchase only the best smelling flowers for you or a lucky somebody!

Heres our list of top telling best smelling flowers:

10. Hyacinth

This bloom has a traditionally powerful smell, often associated with the beginning for Spring. Its colour varies between blue and purple, and offers a fragrance you wont soon forget.

9. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has been associated with body wash, and for good reason! This flower has been used in all sorts of perfumes due to its refreshing and sweet aroma.

Sweet Pea

8. Gardenia

Gardenia is popular in Weddings due to its pleasing aroma. Again they are one of the most popular flowers used in perfume, which makes a bouquet of these ideal to liven up the scent in your house.

7. Freesia

One of our personal favourites, the sweet scent of freesia is instantly recognisable around spring time. A go to flower to spruce up your home.


6. Iris

This plant comes in numerous different colours, but one distinct smell. The fruit blast received from the iris is what makes them so universally popular.

5. Lavender

We discussed last week the health benefits of flowers, which included tips about lavender and the uses of their famous scent. Any chance you have to get your hands on a lavender plant, make the most of it!


4. Peony

Mad Flowers are no strangers to peonys. One of our best sellers, peonys are not only beautiful to look at but its scent fills any room with a sweet summer smell.

3. Rose

It is no secret that the rose has one of the most sought after smells in the world. This particular scent has been popular for hundreds of years dating back to ancient Egypt. The aroma is captured for most high price perfumes.

One Rose


2. Lily

Lilies are known for being an extravagant flower, with wonderful long leaves that make for stunning table pieces or window vases. However the scent of the flower is actually what attracts many people whether they know it or not. The lily of the valley in particular is one of the sweetest smelling plants in the world, also used in a number of top line perfumes.

1. Jasmine

The universally renowned scent of the jasmine flower has had countless uses over the years. It has known to be used in perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy and more. Popular also for wedding bouquets, this flower is known to tropical regions around the world. Get jasmine in your life and enjoy its sweet aroma for a calming, relaxing effect.