January 16th, 2019

Best Potted Plants for an Office Environment

Offices can be frantic places at the best of times. A workplace loaded with stress and the hustle and bustle of working life often needs something to brighten the mood. The mood in a mundane office can change drastically with the advent of a some life, with nothing better than flowers to do the job!

A potted plant in reception has countless benefits to your office. The optics of your office improve for clients with the strategic placement of a large orchid. The aroma associated with plant life adds another layer to office life. Not only the scent, but the maintenance of the plant gives someone in your office a form of escape when caring for it. Read our blog here for ideas on the best indoor house plants here.

We have also talked before about the link between flowers and mental health, showcasing another reason for their presence in the office.

Even if your office has plants on window sills or in reception, dont be afraid to add some flowers to your desk! Personalising your work area has always been a popular, healthy and rewarding task.

Mad Flowers has selected the best plants to put on your desk.


Orchids are the most popular office plants. Depending on the size of your work area, these can range in how theyre placed, but are best used if you have your own office. View our €35 orchid here.

office plants


Having a cactus on your desk can separate you from others. Cacti plants can come in very small pots, which is ideal in a shared environment.



Don’t be afraid to buy shrubs and an empty potted plant to make your own design. This can be rewarding to have on your desk, a constant reminder of something that you have created. It will also require some care, so make sure to water during your lunch break! You can also pick some flowers and add them to a mason jar with some water.

Flowers in office

Rubber Tree

Try and get your hands on the beautiful rubber tree plant and see how it fits on your desk. This tree is native to the Eastern World, but have become popular when turned into a potted plant. Just be careful, as they can grow up to a few metres tall!

Rubber Tree

Chinese Evergreen

This gorgeous plant requires little maintenance which has made it a favorite in Irish offices and homes. The mix between green and red is the most appealing aspect of this plant, and would add excitement to any boring office desk.

Chinese Evergreen

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