August 1st, 2018

Women have always wondered whether or not flowers are a suitable gift for men. It may a husband, a boyfriend, or even a colleague in work, there has always been a doubt on whether they are an appropriate gift or not. We are here to tell you that it is the 21st Century, and the ancient gender divide on flowers is weakening. We have outlined the top 5 flowers that traditionally go down best with Men of all ages, based on years of dealing with Irish customers:

1. Orchids

This stellar plant has always been a favourite with women buying for men. It is easy to see why when looking at pictures; orchids are beautiful flowers that do not overtly convey affection. These gifts are especially popular to place in offices or classrooms, so it is hard to go wrong if you are gifting a colleague or friend. This large tropical plant is the most popular of our orchid arrangements.


2. Gerberas

We have witnessed over the years the surprising popularity of Gerberas when it comes to gifts for men in Ireland. These are once again most popular to gift to a brother or male friend. The positive nature of the bouquet represents happiness and joy and is recommended for birthdays or similarly celebrated occasions. View our full selection of gerberas here.


3. Red Roses

Needless to say these are for the romantic partner in your life. Red roses are as effective to gift to a man as they are a woman, and are one of the most universally safe romantic gifts there are. These bouquets are usually accompanied by chocolates given the occasion. We recommend this stunning combination of blue hydrangea and red roses to be a little bit different in showing affection for the man in your life.

Blue Roses

4. Potted Plants

These gifts are certainly on the safe side when sending a gift of appreciation to a man. Similar to the orchids, they do not show too much affection and men are not worried about showcasing them on a desk or window sill. Check out our potted plants here.

Potted Plants

5. Lillies

Certain lilies are known to go down very well with men, particularly bouquets with shades of white and a faded yellow. These are a more classy gift, with the lack of fluorescent colours and the stronger nature of the flower being the appeal to men. They are suitable for any occasion, and have traditionally represented peace and tranquility. View our full range of Lillies here.


Lillies Flowers

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