February 27th, 2019
ife to your garden

Looking to add more life to your garden? Want to attract some of the beautiful creatures that nature as to offer? Look no further.

As you may or may not be aware, there is a “hyperalarming” decline in insect population recently. Insects are much more crucial to the survival of the human race than people may think, so the mass spraying of pesticides, along with drought is having a detrimental effect on our eco system. Bees and Beetles seem to be the most effective and crucial to our survival as a species.

We want to see gardens around Ireland welcome the best nature has to offer. We have decided to help you attract butterflies to your garden by following these tips:


  • Grow Long Grasses Butterflies love long grasses, and if you have a garden with long grass in parts, you might see a congregation of garden butterflies start to appear more regularly. These include speckled woods, our favorite type of butterflies.


  • Leave Fallen Fruit Where it is This a great tip but applies more of course to the Summer/Fall. Many butterflies are attracted to the nectar in fallen plums and apples, if they can beat out the wasps!


  • Spring Flowers Spring Flowers that attract Butterflies include Crocosmia, Goat Willow, Bugle, Echinacea, Eremurus, Ladysmack, Erysimum, Dianthus, Sage, Lavender and Marigold. Plants high in pollen will be most effective in bringing in butterflies.


  • Have a Sheltered Area Butterflies need protection from Predators, which is another reason long grass suits them. However you can purchase artificial nesting areas, or even leave a pile of grass cuttings in a back area of your garden.


  • Nectar & Pollen Nectar is the most important factor that butterflies will go for. If your garden is riddled with nectar & pollen you can be sure to see this colourful beasts fluttering in the sunlight in the coming months.


  • Care For Your Plants Make sure to water your plants often to the keep the production of nectar frequent. Also have them in an area of the garden that gets the most sunlight, as butterflies, even more than bees and other insects, love to be warm.


  • Avoid These There are certain plants which will kill the presence of the butterfly in the garden, including nettles and thistles


  • Avoid Pesticides If you truly want to attract the best of nature, limit your use of pesticides. If you need to use them, keep them away from the nectar intensive plants

beautiful bloom

We hope all our customers are nature lovers and will welcome the presence of life in their gardens. By following these steps, you will be on your way.

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