I believe that this Christmas, more than any other year, we will all make a very, very special effort to decorate our homes with fresh flowers and wonderful plants with all the lockdowns and Covid warnings.

Here are the Best Christmas Flowers & Plants to help you bring the outdoors in!


Better known as “The Christmas Rose” is a real beauty, and is regarded as a true Christmas flower in certain parts of the world. The Christmas Rose is also known as the Winter Rose, whatever about the name – its beauty is undeniable.

Originally from the tropical regions of Asia, the cultivated plant mostly blooms during winter. Many growers time their plants to blossom from early December right through to early march so you can have the plant in flower right over Christmas and well into the New Year. Many varieties may be planted in the garden after flowering whereby the wild flower again and again.

Christmas cactus

The Christmas Cactus is actually a succulent. There are a number of different cactus species sold as “Christmas Cactus” and incredibly they all blossom around Christmas

They are pretty dormant for the better part of the year, but boy oh boy! do they reward you for keeping them in your home at Christmas time.


Grown from corms {rather than bulbs} are extremely easy to care for and do extremely well in cooler rooms, some varieties will also grow outside. They are readily available in red, purple, white and pink.

Pro Tip: Water from the bottom


Probably best known as Ivy, comes in many varieties small or large leaves in plain green, mottled or variegated its simply a must at Christmas time. It will flourish in a cool room and will tolerate low light levels like no other. Pop a few sprigs of Holly Berries on top and hey, presto you’ve just created a wonderful Christmas arrangement. If that’s not enough the Ivy plant is also a brilliant air purifier too!


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a nice Poinsettia or two.

The ancient Aztecs (ruling tribe in central Mexico at the time of contact with Europe) prized the Poinsettia as a symbol of purity. Centuries later, Mexico’s early Christians adopted the Poinsettia as a Christmas blossom – “The Mexican Poinsettia”.

It is known as the Christmas Flower in North America and is used in most Christmas decorations, owing to its bright red colour and its blooming season coinciding with Christmas. Some people even add glitter to make them even funkier during Christmas. I’d have to say I prefer them in their natural state they are available in red, white, pink and bicolour


Not known by any other name I’m aware of. Amaryllis has got to be one of the planets showiest of blossoms available in a real Christmas red, also white, pink and bicolour. Best to buy the Amaryllis when the bud has just popped out of the bulb looks a little odd, but man are you in for a surprise. In just a couple of weeks this baby will spring up and unfurl its wonderful blossoms like a peacock seeking attention

If you receive one of these beauties this Christmas, don’t dump it once the flowering ends. Store the bulb in a cool, dark place and soon it’ll be ready to put on another show as it flowers bigger and better each and every year.

Paper Whites

Paper white are part of the narcissus family, so they look like a miniature daffodil in white and they have lots of tiny blossoms rather than just the one so I guess they don’t look like a daffodil after all. 🙂 Joking aside these flowers are amongst the most perfumed little beauties you’ll ever come across, combine the sweet perfume with the purest white of white florets and, yep, ya got a little piece of Heaven.


My favourite type of Lily would have to be the Giant Oriental Pink Lily with stunning blossoms and powerful sweet perfume, superb vase life and really a pleasure to enjoy. My mom used to say they were food for the soul!

Try displaying them in a nice tall vase with Pussy Willow and Ilex, a.k.a. Holly Berries, so beautiful and now available in lengths up to 1 metre long. Again, the vase life is wonderful, lasting up to 6 weeks, I like to display Ilex with some Pussy Willow and Eucalyptus Foliage. A composition like this, oozes Christmas!

The white buds of the Pussy Willow contrast beautifully with the lush red berries and the eucalyptus foliage emits a sensuous aroma, it has excellent powers of relaxation too. A composition such as this will stay fresh for weeks.


Ooh, Hydrangea at Christmas time is so wonderful and so versatile, as its flowers are so wonderfully big it only takes a few stems to create a super display either on their own or you can try mixing them with some Holly Berries.

Hydrangea is available in pretty pinks, pale blues, as well as deep rich blue almost turning violet and of course the purest of whites, it sounds a little quirky, but I promise it looks great. Try mixing a big ball of Hydrangea heads with some Christmas baubles, it will put a smile on your face for sure. Don’t forget Hydrangea dry beautifully too. Hang them upside down in the airing cupboard for about ten days and then enjoy forever!

Which one is your favourite?!