The joy of getting out in the nice weather and tending to your gorgeous blossoming garden in Summer is truly wonderful, however, many of us tend to neglect our gardens in the Autumn and Winter months. It’s not as inviting to go outside when it’s lashing rain or freezing, but on bright, crisp days it can be quite rewarding to ensure that your garden remains gorgeous all year round. Today on the MadFlowers Blog, we are going to show you the best ways to keep your garden beautifully blooming in Autumn.

Maintenance Is Key

One of the most important aspects of keeping your garden fresh and happy in Autumn is general maintenance and tidying work. You might think it’s okay to abandon your gardening duties during the colder months, however, the work that you put in now is actually vital for creating long lasting vibrancy and life in the Spring, plus you’re protecting the hard work you put in over Summer. So make sure to sweep away any fallen leaves, de-weed the garden, cut back hedges and foliage, cut the grass and maybe even clear out and organise the shed.

Protect Your Plants

We all know how miserable it can get in Ireland during the Autumn months. You wouldn’t like to be put outside in the rain and cold all day, so don’t do it to your plants! Show them some love and raise any plants in containers or pots up off the ground to stop them from becoming waterlogged. You can also insulate pots with bubble wrap, cardboard or hay and make sure that any plants who don’t like the cold weather is protected with fleece or hessian to help ward off frostbite. You should also mulch around the roots of your plants with wood chip, leaves, or pine needles. 



Plant Bulbs For Spring

Do yourself a favour and do something now that will benefit your garden in the future, like planting bulbs for the spring! Watch as beautiful tulips and daffodils spring into life in your garden after your careful planning the months before. You’ll thank yourself later!

Don’t Neglect Wildlife

To keep your garden bursting with life over Autumn, don’t forget about the gorgeous birds and other wildlife that visit your garden. You can leave out nuts, seeds and water for the birds, which during the Winter can be vital to their survival. You can also do some research on which plants attract bees and butterflies!

Plants That Bloom In Autumn

Flowers like the Crocus, Clyclamen, Winter Aconite, Pansie, Heather and Dahlia all can be planted in Autumn and you will see them bloom in the colder months as they can handle harsh weather, this is a wonderful way to keep your garden looking bright and lively during cold weather!

While the weather is still quite mild, now is the time to get outdoors and look after your Autumn garden! We hope this blog has inspired you to show your garden some TLC during the colder months ahead!