August 9th, 2018
daisy flowers

Our August Flower of the Month is none other than the Gerbera Daisies. Popular all year round, this type of flower has become crucial to many of our best selling bouquets and goes down a treat with customers of all ages.

Gerberas have their origin in South Africa but are also known to be found in Asia, South America and other parts of Africa. They were first discovered in the 1880’s by Traugot Gerber, a German naturalist who has provided the name of these type of daisies.

Gerberas are ranked amongst the top 5 popular flowers in the world. This is because of their positive nature, radiating cheerfulness and glee to the owner or recipient. Gerberas are also known to be a very popular flower with men, making them an easy gift for either sex. They also bloom all year long, another feature which sees them amongst the most cut flowers in the world, and come in numerous sizes and colours.

Creative Pot For Sunflowers

All Gerberas give off a wave of happiness, but the variety of colour comes with different meanings. Our personal favourite are the yellow Gerberas, most often seen in the form of a sunflower. These are perfect for the summer months, making it an easy choice for August flower of the month as we continue to bask in the good weather.

The colours are endless, with a simple yet popular flower being the white gerbera, which looks closer to a typical daisy. Representing innocence, they are a special gift for niche occasions where you want to tell somebody how gentle, and special they are. In terms of Gerberas in general, we have seen them gifted for birthdays as well as thank you or get well gifts, and all year round.

Pink Gerbera Daisy

The wonderful pink shades of Gerberas are on show in our popular and affordable Castila Vase Pink. Our Fab Fusion however boasts a beautiful mix of red, orange, pink, yellow and purple. View our full range of Gerberas here.