September 13th, 2018

Our love for Roses is no secret here at Mad Flowers, and we want to let you in on what makes these blossoms so popular. Arguably the most beautiful flower of all, roses have a deep and colourful history to make that makes them more than just a pretty face! Lets take a look at some fascinating facts about roses.

1. Family
There are about 150 types of rose, spawning from the genus “rosa” all varying in shape, size and colour. These roses all require different climate conditions for optimal growth, so next time your in a florist ask which type of rose is in your bouquet!

Rose Family

Check out this gorgeous “Roses Roses Roses” Bouquet here

2. Roses are edible
You may not have known this one, but in certain conditions roses can be eaten! Rose petals are often used in cooking, jams, honey, or for use in cocktails. Read here about how you can make rose petal jam.

3. Rich History
Roses are not just the most beautiful flower, but according to The Guinness book of world records is the oldest species of plant cultivated and used for decoration. Roses were featured in the bible, as well as being symbolic to the Romans and the Egyptians.

Most beautiful flower

4. Prickly
Roses are not often associated with thorns, but whether your rose plants are shrubs or climbers, you will find it to be a prickly handful! Not actually thorns, however, roses have prickles, which are more easily removed.

5. Presidential
George Washington was one of the first to breed a rose garden in The United States of America, in his “garden of pleasures”. As well as this, “Souvenir du President Lincoln” , named by the French in honour of the fallen President, is still one of the most popular roses today.

rose garden

6. Blue Roses
Whilst roses themselves date back millenneums, the blue rose is a new phenomenon. After much effort over the decades, genetic engineering finally allowed breeders to create the beautiful blue rose in 2004. The rose, carrying the blue pigment “Delphinidin” is now popular world wide.

7. Roses have been to space
One particular species of Rose has actually been to space, after a collaboration between NASA and International Flavours and Fragrance Inc. The miniature rose bud known as the “Overnight Scentsation” was flown into space to see the effect of low gravity on the fragrance of roses. Researchers got more than they bargained for when a completely new scent scent not from Earth.

8. Origins of Love
The first association of the rose with romance goes back to Ancient Greece. Aphrodite, the goddess of love was constantly portrayed in literacy and paintings as being surrounded by roses around her head and feet.

Blue Roses


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