Dress (Your Table) To Impress.

Christmas time means many things! Presents to buy, trees to put up and friends and family to see. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll be sure to find yourself having different people in and out of the house! Be it having friends around for drinks over the holidays, or family for dinner for the main event. If there was ever a time to dress to impress, this is it. And I don’t just mean yourself, your home too! More specifically your table, here are 5 Christmas table centrepiece ideas that might even take the attention away from the food!

Christmas Themed Lantern

Set the mood and light up the table with a seasonal lantern centrepiece! This is a great idea that you can buy or make yourself. There’s plenty of these floating around online, fully decorated with bells and whistles but you can also easily decorate these yourself. Stuff them with led lights and cotton wool and you have yourself a fantastic ambient centrepiece which will be sure to impress your guests.


Classic Wreath & Candle

You can’t beat a classic. Nothing says Christmas like the timeless décor that is a Christmas wreath. Get yourself a gorgeous one to match the tablecloth or up-cycle an  old wreath to your liking. A few candles in the middle and bobs your uncle; you have yourself a stunning, unmistakably Christmas themed, centrepiece. Click to see our classic wreath you can incorporate to make your own centrepiece.


Stuffed Mason Jar/Vase

This is the perfect DIY centrepiece that you can personalise to express your style. No one else will have a centrepiece quite like yours making it distinctly unique. Find a clear vase, a mason jar or even a large glass could work too! Fill it with whatever you have lying around! stones and pebbles, marbles, dried fruit and berries, dried or fresh flowers and maybe a candle or two. there you have a creative, one-of–a-kind centrepiece to wow your peers. “Christmas It Up” by choosing Christmas colours and decorate with cotton balls or doily’s for a snowy effect.


Decorative Christmas Tree

Pick up a mini Christmas tree and decorate just like you would with your regular Christmas tree! Browse around for some ornamental ones that would really make your table pop. Or create one from goodies you have lying around. Everyone loves Christmas trees and it would be sure to add a festive tone to your table. Simple but significant.


MadFlowers Bouquet

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! You can simply not go wrong with a beautiful bouquet. Everyone is mad for them, and so are we at madflowers.com. We have a wide selection of Christmas themed bouquets that will brighten up any table making it look not only festive but rich and luxurious. They’ll be sure to make your guests crazy impressed and will complement your home beautifully.

See our Christmas Collection.


Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!