Romance can mean many things to different people, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys an extraordinary night out for Valentine’s Day to make it special, mark the occasion and treat your other half; an restaurant with a romantic vibe, full of ambience is what you need to find. Oh, wait, no you don’t because we’ve found them for you. The list below is of restaurants that each have an atmosphere like no other, are not only romantic but unique and quirky too. We’ve done you the courtesy of putting together a list of our top 5, these restaurants are top of the line with venues, food and drinks that are to die for; exactly what you’re looking for Valentine’s dinner or any special date night. 

1.Chapter One

A staple to Irish fine dining; Chapter One is a Michelin star rated restaurant offering an elegant backdrop and exquisite cuisine. The location is in fact a refurbished and transformed basement that previously belonged to Irish Whiskey Maker; George Jameson. This information alone makes it a quirky, interesting destination that you’re right to be curious about. It will be well worth your time and money to experience the traditional Irish vibe, opulent setting and divine delicacies that Chapter One offers. This is perfect for a special romantic dinner in Dublin. 

romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night

2. Vintage Cocktail Club 

There’s a black door in the middle of Temple Bar that you’ve probably passed a million times before thinking nothing of it. Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. But ring the bell on this door and a hostess will appear to welcome you to the stunning speakeasy stylings of the vintage cocktail club. A staircase will lead you into a quirky striking interior, echoing the prohibition era of the 1920s; with plush seating, curtained walls, and candlelit tables. Though the name suggests it to be a bar, they of course offer dinner in the evenings as well.  It has a heated outdoor area for drinks and for smokers when you go further upstairs but the place is small with limited tables, allowing for attentive service, but making it necessary to book ahead. This will be a date night for the ages, perfect for Valentines Day.

romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night

3. Urban Brewing

A brewery, a bar as well as a restaurant, Urban Brewing is simply too gorgeous, romantic and oozing with atmosphere to leave off this list. The vibe here is stylish, playful and still dreamy and enamoured. With a choice of seating in the heated outdoor area lit up with fairy lights upstairs near the canal, or downstairs where you’ll find a most romantic setting; dimly lit with candlelight, with tables scattered amongst an underground brewery backdrop. The drinks menu is a book as thick as an encyclopaedia so there’s tons of fun different drinks to try and enjoy. For food they offer a Tapas or Restaurant menu to choose from and they’ll of course also have a special Valentine’s menu for the big night.

romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night romantic quirky restaurant dublin

4. Terra Madre

This is a family owned, homely restaurant based on bachelors walk, and you’ll need to have a good gander around to find the entrance but once you do, trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed. The authentic Italian food and wine alone make this one a winner but the service is what brings it over the top. The staff and the owners treat you like their own and you truly feel the Italian charm in this place. A great choice for a low key dinner and exquisite wine. Terra Madre makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into Tuscany itself for a romantic evening. Immerse yourself in this otherworldly dreamboat of a date night dinner destination. 

romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night

5. The Blind Pig Speakeasy

One of the most outrageously crafted restaurants in Dublin and a mind boggle to find. Once you figure out where it is and how to get in, you’ll be led downstairs where you’ll probably walk right past the restaurants and toward the restrooms! The restaurant is in fact concealed by an automatic sliding door disguised as a glassed bookshelf, you’ll need to press down on a pig’s head beside the wall and the restaurant will reveal itself in genuine speakeasy panache. You’ll pass the bar and be seated in a dimly lit, small area with stone walls arching around either side. This is a quirky gem and a real find in Dublin, with an extensive menu of delicious food and drinks. The blind pig is an experience you’ll never forget.

romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night romantic quirky restaurant dublin date night

Now go and reserve a table before they’re all gone! And be sure to gift your special someone a bouquet of flowers from the Madflowers Valentine’s Collection, to add that little bit more to a picture perfect night that they’ll be sure to cherish forever.