June 27th, 2018

5 reasons for gifting flowers to a school teacher.

Coming to the end of the school year there is one thing we want to make sure of; that our teachers feel appreciated. We were all running around a classroom once and know how hectic they can be all year round. We think it’s a great idea to say thank you to teachers around Ireland and believe that a bouquet of flowers is the best way to say thank you.

Heres why:

gifting flowers to a school teacher

  1. Summer time is flower time


With Ireland currently experiencing a heatwave, bouquets such as Peonies and Gerberas are perfect to have around the house. Nothing says summertime like one of these stunning bouquets perched on a classroom or kitchen window sill. The sun has come out at the perfect time to make these and other bright, vibrant flowers the optimal gift for our hard working teachers.


  1. Flowers are the perfect thank you gift


A bouquet of flowers are traditionally the most popular thank you gift. We have a special selection of “Thank you flowers” that are perfect for this occasion. The “Sunshine”, a bright golden bouquet is the perfect combination of thanks and as well as that summer time feeling for school teachers. Other selections include the Hot Mix which has proven popular with kids and is currently just €39!


Flowers are the perfect thank you gift

  1. Potted plants show you care


Small potted plants can really stand out from other gifts in a classroom. These work well sitting on a teachers desk or by the window, and plants such a the Blue Orchid Plant are low maintenance. This gift shows even more thought than regular flowers and can be long lasting enough to even provide the teacher with a hobby!


  1. Flowers are great for both Women and Men!


We’ve already written about the best plants to buy for fathers day, and the same applies when buying for male teachers! Orchids amongst others have proven popular with men, who are often keen gardeners. For female teachers at this time of year, we recommend something “bright” to keep them in that positive mood heading into summer.


Birthday Flowers

To show our appreciation, we have a special offer available for free delivery of Bouquets to schools! To avail of this offer please call 1850 212121 or 018135959.