Valentine’s day is the perfect day to treat your lady! If you weren’t planning on getting her anything, think again! Even if your girlfriend or wife doesn’t expect anything, it’s always nice to get a token of love and appreciation. It’s no secret everyone loves getting gifts, and us girls simply adore them! No matter how big or small, getting her something will make her day, especially if she wasn’t expecting it. So, it’s time to step up lads! Below are 10 valentine’s day gift ideas for her, some will put a dent in your wallet and others won’t even scratch the surface, so there’s no excuse.  

  1. Something Classic- Teddy/Chocolates/Flowers

 If you don’t want to break the bank on a valentine’s day present, but want to offer a sweet gesture nonetheless, something small and classic like a bouquet, chocolates and/ or a teddy is the way to go. We at Madflowers have our stunning valentine’s roses range to choose from, as well as teddies and chocolates. Our Valentines bouquets include a choice of a dozen roses, 2 dozen, 50 or 100 roses for the real romantics out there who want to spoil their gorgeous gal rotten. 

Valentines gift ideas for her- flowersValentines gift ideas for her- teddy and chocolates


  1. Something Luxurious – Designer Bag/ Clothes

 If you’ve some cash to splash, and you’ve got a lady who loves a bit of opulence, be sure to get a gift that’s up to par with her tastes! You’ll be in her good books for a while after giving her a fabulous designer bag or purse as a Valentines Day Gift.

Valentines gift ideas for her- designer bag 

  1.  Something Sentimental- Jewellery

Something that makes a loving gesture, is a piece of jewellery. It’s a Valentines Day gift that she can wear all the time and feel like she has a piece of you with her. Perhaps a promise ring, like a traditional Irish Claddagh ring, or a necklace with a pendant of sorts; a love heart or a little key, to show her she has the key to your heart. Be a Romantic this Valentines Day! 

Valentines gift ideas for her- jewellery

  1.  Something Musical- Headphones/ Air pods

 If she’s constantly singing along to her favourite songs, and blaring the radio, she’s a girl who loves her music! Get some wireless headphones as a Valentines Day Gift for her or maybe the latest apple air pods. So she can listen, sing and dance it out in style on Valentines Day.

Valentines gift ideas for her- headphones

  1.  Something To Do Together/ Dinner n’ Drinks, Cook Her Fave Foods on Valentines Day

 A gift and a date all in one; plan an evening together! If she likes to go out on the town, reserve a table somewhere chic for dinner and drinks, and if she’s more the stay in type of gal; cook all her favourite foods, get her favourite wine and movies and have a romantic night in, to show you love her and made an effort to prove it.

Valentines gift ideas for her- dinner 

  1. Something For The Girly Girl- Makeup 

If she’s makeup obsessed, or perhaps an aspiring makeup artist, some new tools or products would make for the perfect Valentines Day Gift for her. Make up is an art to many, and whether it’s her job or she just loves it, you can’t go wrong with a basket of makeup products from brands she loves, it’ll be sure to earn a lipstick mark on your cheek! 

Valentines gift ideas for her- makeup

  1. Something For The Stressed- Spa /Aroma Candles

Maybe you’re noticing your other half has been a bit run down lately, work is busy and she’s stressed to bits! Getting her a voucher for a spa day, a massage and some aromatherapy relaxation candles is a great gift to help her relax, destress, and take a breather. If you can’t afford a gift like this, and want a budget version; perhaps give her a spa night of your own making. Run her a bath and rub her shoulders. She’ll appreciate being pampered for sure.  

Valentines gift ideas for her- spa

  1. Something Creative – Print/ Film Camera

A creative girl calls for some more creative shopping. While she may appreciate makeup and handbags, she enjoys art, film, and photography too! A print is always a safe bet and there are tons around, online or one of our faves is Jam Art Factory in Temple Bar, who sell tons of Irish art and design. if she likes to do the creating rather than just appreciate a good image; get her a film camera, some film and set her off on her own photography mission, so she can capture her own shots and get them developed to hang on her wall.

Valentines gift ideas for her- camera

  1. Something For The Gamer Girl

 Same as you would a gamer guy, a gamer girl could also always use more games to check out or a trendy gamer chair.  Pick up a second controller and game with her, spending quality time with her on Valentines Day will be appreciated.

Valentines gift ideas for her- gamer

  1. Something For The Gym Girl- Personalised Gym Bag/ Work Out Clothes

Gym girls are always looking for more fabulous workout clothes. Good quality sports leggings and sports bras are a must! Or get her a personalised gym bag, bottle or towel so she can work out in style. Support her hobby with one of these items for a unique valentines day gift for her.

Valentines gift ideas for her- gym clothes

 Happy shopping fellas!