Valentine’s Day may seem as though it’s miles away, but in fact it’s less than a month to go till the amorous holiday. Why not be prepared, avoid last minute panic buying and start thinking about what you can get your man now. Get something to show your appreciation for him and give something back, we’ve got gift ideas for every budget and every interest. Valentine’s Day may feel like a silly holiday to some, but we at Madflowers believe in celebrating the love that makes it one of our favourite holidays! Flowers are being given worldwide as a gesture of love and we just love to see it. We’ve put together a list of 10 valentine’s gifts for him, to show him you care. 


1. Something Small; Chocolates And A Card.

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Everyone loves it, if you didn’t know; it scientifically makes everyone happier by lending serotonin to our brains, and it’s just downright delicious. This is a great Valentine’s gift idea for him if you don’t have a huge budget to spend but still want to give him something small. Check out our Chocolates range online at Madflowers, luxury handmade chocolates by Carol Kinsella, starting from only €10 euro. Pick up a card, and write a message inside saying how you feel about him. Earn a happy boyfriend with a smile on his face in return this Valentines Day.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; Chocolates

2. Something Stylish; Clothes Or A Cologne

If your boyfriend or husband takes pride in his appearance, looking after himself and appreciates fashion, you’re lucky because you can always get him something simple like a nice shirt or jumper that he’d like. Perhaps there’s a specific clothing brand he loves wearing or a favourite colour, pick something up, tell him you love his style and that he looks great. Another Valentines Day gift idea or him is gifting a bottle of his favourite cologne if he’s running low. He’ll get good use and wear out of a gift like this.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; t shirtValentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ;perfume


3. Something Sentimental; Framed Photo

If your man has a romantic streak, firstly be grateful because it’s a great trait in a man, get him something sentimental this Valentines Day that he can treasure. A framed photo of the two of you together, or perhaps if you kept something from your past; frame a receipt from your first dinner date or cinema tickets from the first movie you went to see together. These Valentines Day gifts will make him feel close to you and loved.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; photo gift


4. Something Musical; Concert Tickets or Records

If your man has got a musical side to him or simply loves listening to music, a ticket to see an artist or band he likes will be sure to bring a smile to his face. If you can’t spring for that, or there’s no shows coming up, if he’s a true music fanatic with a turntable; you can’t go wrong with adding to his record collection.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; record

 5. Something To Give Back; Buy Him Dinner and Flowers

Nowadays its way less common for the man to feel the need to pay for dinner, and bills are often split, but if you’re guy’s a traditionalist and usually insists on getting the bill, insist that this time you’re going to give back and take your boyfriend out for dinner and drinks, as a valentine’s day gift for him. Bring a bouquet of flowers for him, and live out your role reversal fantasy.


Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ;Dinner and drinks


6. Something Classic; Wallet or Watch


A timeless Valentines gift is something from the classics; a new wallet or watch. Maybe you’ve noticed that his current wallet is on its last legs, or his watch full of scratches, a replacement is a great practical gift he’ll be sure to appreciate. 

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; walletValentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; watch


7. Something To Show You Know Him; A Night Of His Favourites

A sweet idea that’s romantic and not too pricey is having him over for a movie and having all his favourite foods, snacks and drinks ready to enjoy while you guys cuddle on the couch and watch each other’s favourite films. A gift and a date in one, Valentine’s Day plan sorted!

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; Movie night


8. Something Artistic; A Print

If he’s fond of art, film or photography, a print of one of favourite works or by an artist he likes is a great gift. The Jam Art Factory in Temple Bar is a great place to have a look at Irish art and design.


Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; Art


9. Something For A Gamer; Gaming Equipment or More Games

A valentine’s day gift idea for a gamer is easily sorted, if your boyfriend constantly has his eyes boring into the Xbox or PlayStation, as frustrating it may be to you, it’s something he enjoys to do in his spare time so why not make him happy with a new game that you think he’d enjoy. Or if he’s got enough games, then a gamer chair or some other gamer equipment is a safe bet.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ; gamer equimpment


10. Something for the Athletic Types; Workout Clothes!

A fantastic valentine’s day gift him (particularly a gym head or an active guy) is some new equipment! New workout clothes, a personalised water bottle or gym towel, or you’ve got some cash to splash maybe a Fitbit! Anything he can use while working out is a good shout.


Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him ;gym clothes

Choosing a Valentines gift for him may seem tough but if you know who you’re buying for, and know their interests, it’s not so bad. If you don’t; chocolates and flowers girls, chocolates and flowers…