July 18th, 2019

Sunflowers are truly one of the most magical flowers on earth. They have so many special powers and are arguably one of the most happy flowers out there, just looking at a sunflower will have you beaming as brightly as it’s petals. Apart from their obvious beauty, there is much more to the Sunflower than you might think…

Sunflower oil has many health benefits

Many flowers and plants possess healing powers, and Sunflowers are no different! Sunflower oil contains fatty acids known to have anti inflammatory benefits plus it’s known to reduce cholesterol!

Fluffy Sunflowers exist

It’s true, this type of Sunflower is actually called the ‘Teddy Bear Sunflower’, it double blooms, giving it a fluffy appearance just like a cuddly teddy bear, how adorable!

sunflower two

There are thousands of flowers in a Sunflower

The head of the Sunflower is actually made up of thousands of teeny tiny flowers if you look closely, they are joined at the base of the Sunflower and eventually turn into seeds, the large petals around the outside are known as ‘Ray Flowers’.

bee on sunflower

There are more than 60 varieties of Sunflowers

 They come in more colours than the classic yellow and brown, their petals come in many shades, some are even found with stripes, their heads can vary in colour too!

Big sunflower

Young Sunflowers Follow the sun

A process known as heliotropism means that a young Sunflower moves from east to west with the sun, this is because Sunflowers have what is known as a circadian rhythm. As the sunflower matures the heliotropism process stops and they stay facing east.

Feild of sunflowers

Sunflowers have a very practical use

You can actually turn your sunflower into a scrubbing disk when you need an abrasive scrubber for those tough cleaning tasks. When the head that used to hold the seeds has been extracted, you can use the disk to scrub away!

two sunflowers

Some people are terrified of Sunflowers

There is a phobia called Helianthophobia which can cause people to have an irrational fear of Sunflowers. This comes from three greek words, Heli meaning sun, anthos meaning flower and phobia meaning fear.

A Sunflower Plantation went viral and had to close

A Sunflower field had to be closed in 2018 due to the internet. That’s right, an instagram image of the Bogle Sunflower Plantation in Canada which has over a million Sunflowers went viral, causing swarms of photographers to the plantation trying to get their hands on the perfect shot.