November 23rd, 2017

Flowers are beautiful to look at and majority of them smell divine but there’s so much more to them than you would think. Here at MAD Flowers, we enjoy learning new things about flowers every day which is why we wanted to share with you 10 fun flower facts that you may or may not have known. Out of all of the facts we’ve come across, these have to be our favorites!

Poppy Field

(1). Did you know that there are over 400,000 different varieties of flowers in the world?


(2). The number one cut flower in the world are roses and retailers have noticed that if you have roses planted in your garden, it makes the house more irresistible to house buyers.


(3). The number one most expensive flower in the world is the Kadupul Flower also known as the Queen of the night in Sri Lanka as it blossoms in the evening and wilts just before dawn. It comes with no price because of its short-life-span and its rare appearance. The reason why it’s so expensive is because it simply just cannot be bought.


(4). Floriography is the language of flowers which was very popular during the Victorian era which was used as a way of communicating to one another through various flowers and floral arrangements. If you can’t express yourself through words, try using flowers!


(5). The smelliest flower in the world is Titan Arum which can grow up to 10ft tall. The scent is similar to a ‘dead body’ which is why it is also known as the “corpse flower”.


(6). If you suffer from sleep apnea, try placing gerbera daisies or lavender blossoms next to your bed. They releases oxygen and absorbs carbon monoxide and toxins at night which has been proven to give you a better sleep at night.


(7). If you’ve ran out of onions while cooking a recipe, an alternative ingredient to use are tulip bulbs.


(8). During the 17th Century in Holland, you would be crazy to use tulip bulbs as onions while cooking as they were considered as precious as gold!


(9). Everyone knows that broccoli is a vegetable, yes? NO! Believe it or not, broccoli is actually a flower yet we don’t see florists selling broccoli in their shops.


To finish on a good one, we’ve decided to include two facts about Sunflowers.

Big sunflowers

(10). Sunflowers are the only flower that has the word flower in its name. Each day, their head changes direction and follows the sun while it changes direction from east to west.

If you have any other facts that you’d like to share be sure to comment below or catch us on our Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!