While there are still Autumn leaves fluttering from the trees and the beautiful gems are still scattered in piles on the ground, it’s time to go leaf collecting and spend a cosy evening crafting something special with these natural pieces of art. This week on MadFlowers, we are going to give you some creative inspiration and encourage you to get crafting! Read our guide here on things to do with autumn leaves.

An Autumn Wreath

You’ve heard of Christmas wreaths, but what about Autumn wreaths? Why not create your own using leaves and dried flowers. This is perfect if you’re not quite ready to begin the Christmas decorations but still want something seasonal and festive. Once you spray your wreath with varnish, you can use it again and again every Autumn!

Leafy Centrepieces

Changing up your table centrepiece can add a whole new vibe to your meal times. Think cosy, warming colours to go with your hearty comforting meals in these colder months. Simply fill a bowl or floral foam with autumn leaves and scatter them in the centre of the table then add some candles or fairy lights. 

Frame It

This is one of the most simple crafts to achieve and it can look as pretty as a painting. Simply find your favourite leaves and glue them to a canvas, spray over a layer of varnish and then pop the canvas into the frame. Preserving nature and bringing it into your home in creative ways like this is also a great talking point for any guests passing through. The Leaf Frame is one of our favorite things to do with autumn leaves.

Autumnal Fashion 

If you’re a nature lover like we are, then you’ll know that it’s always nice to have a piece of nature with you at all times. Creating your own accessories from fallen leaves is one way to keep nature with you, but importantly, creating your own fashion piece is extremely fulfilling and a lovely way to show off your creativity and style.

Nature’s Stamp

The unique texture of each individual leaf can be captured by painting over the leaf in whatever colours take your fancy and then stamping it onto a piece of card. Additionally, you can add some text, maybe your favourite quote or a poem to make your finished piece even more meaningful.

Bowl Of Leaves

This leaf bowl craft may look difficult to do, but it’s actually quite easy. All you will need is some glue, a bowl and cling film to achieve this gorgeous decorative piece.  It can be placed anywhere as quirky touch to your space.

An Indoor Branch

A hanging branch is very pretty as an interior decoration all year round, you can create the foundation of one and then simply change the flowers and colours of the branch as the seasons change. Use clear string, a branch and leaves to form this wonderful piece.

Autumn Mobile

The spinning mobile is almost like a mini version of the larger hanging branch, if you just want a touch of nature slowly spinning around to brighten areas of your home, then this is the perfect craft to try.

Glow Jars

The inner glow that these leafy mason jars give is just perfect for this time of year. Low lighting instantly gives you a feeling of cosiness and goes perfectly with chai latte or hot chocolate. All you need to do for this craft project is to glue the leaves to the outside of the mason jar and then pop a little tealight inside the jar.

Fairy Light Garland

Adding autumn leaves to fairy lights invites texture and vibrant colour to your home. Another very simple trick to upgrading your fairy lights to a piece of art. You can then hang from you stairs banisters or drape over a table.

We hope you leave this blog feeling super inspired to get crafting in these colder evenings. You can no longer say you dont know what to do with your Autumn leaves! We also hope you begin to appreciate the beauty of nature.  If you’re looking for more information on how to create any of the crafts mentioned, there are tons of tutorials online that can be found with just a few clicks!