Ever wondered what bouquet to send for a particular occasion? Confused about choosing an appropriate arrangement that expresses what you want to say? We have chosen 10 MadFlowers bouquets that perfectly represent 10 common reasons for giving flowers! This handy guide will make choosing a bouquet simple!

1.Welcome To The World!

Our Bright light bouquet is just perfect for welcoming a new baby boy or girl into the world, it has a purity, softness and innocence to it, just like a newborn baby. The neutral pale lemon colour means you can buy the bouquet before knowing the gender of the baby!

View our Bright Light

2.I’m Thinking About You

Our Luxury Shooting Star bouquet is the perfect for budding new romances. That magical period where you are both starry eyed and want to show each other how much you care. This bouquet is pretty magical and whimsical but above all it’s oh so romantic!

Order Luxury Shooting Star here: https://www.madflowers.com/product/luxury-shooting-star/

3.You’re A Wonderful Friend

Our Magic bouquet is such a lovely choice when you want to show your friend some appreciation. They are always by your side when you need them, especially in tough times, this vibrant bouquet will make them feel appreciated!

Order Magic here:    https://www.madflowers.com/product/view-675-magic/

4.Breathe In, Breathe Out

This stunning arrangement of lilies and roses is so serene and calming. Offer this bouquet to someone who is going through a hard or stressful time and needs something peaceful to help them to de-stress.

Order Rose & Lily White here: https://www.madflowers.com/product/29892/


5.Thank You

Our Gift Bouquet is suitable for almost any occasion. It is cheerful, bright and exudes happiness. This bouquet is a great choice when giving thanks to somebody for helping you out or even as a dinner party gift for the host!

Order Gift here:     https://www.madflowers.com/product/view-544-gift/



Our Rainbows Bouquet is a great way to celebrate someone’s achievement, whether it’s a promotion at work, getting results from an exam, or graduating from school or college, this arrangement screams happiness and celebration!

Order Rainbows here: https://www.madflowers.com/product/rainbows/

7.Just Because

Why not choose our Pretty Bouquet as a just because gift? This is a wonderful arrangement to give to someone for no reason, just for them being them! It’s soft, pretty and will suit almost anyone’s taste.

Order Pretty here:  https://www.madflowers.com/product/pretty/

8.Happy Birthday

Our Luxury Prism bouquet has it all: Vibrancy, richness and extravagance, making it the perfect birthday bouquet! Everyone wants to feel extra special on their birthday and this gorgeous bouquet will show someone that their worth it!

Order Luxury Prism here:   https://www.madflowers.com/product/luxury-prism-2/

9.I’m Sorry

We all make mistakes and can hurt those close to us sometimes, even by accident. There is no better way to apologise to someone than sending them flowers, we are certain that our All White bouquet will have you forgiven in no time! White is an honest, pure colour and will signify your sincerity to the person you wronged.

Order All White here: https://www.madflowers.com/product/all-white/

10.Get Well Soon! 

Unfortunately, we all feel under the weather sometimes or go through health issues. Nobody likes to be house bound, or in hospital but what has been proven to lift someone’s spirits, is to have a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers around them. This not only shows someone you are there for them but it also helps them to feel better! Our Temple Street bouquet is the perfect get well soon arrangement, especially as MadFlowers donates €5 to Temple Street Children’s Hospital any time someone buys this bouquet!

Order Temple Street Bouquet here:   https://www.madflowers.com/product/temple-street/

We hope this bouquet buying guide has helped you to make your decision, but really, you can choose whatever bouquet you want! The possibilities are endless! It’s always nice to receive a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers, no matter what the reason!