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Top 5 Summer Flowering bulbs
July 4th, 2018

With the good weather in Ireland seemingly here to stay, we’ve picked out the 5 most prominent bulbs you’ll see flowering this July. Ideally you will have planted these bulbs back in the Spring time (which may have been hard in all that snow!), and are now seeing your garden filled with beautiful exotic colours […]

5 reasons for gifting flowers to a school teacher
June 27th, 2018

5 reasons for gifting flowers to a school teacher. Coming to the end of the school year there is one thing we want to make sure of; that our teachers feel appreciated. We were all running around a classroom once and know how hectic they can be all year round. We think it’s a great […]

Fun Facts About Peonies
June 20th, 2018

Peony is a beautiful symbol of good fortune and happy marriage, which explains why it is very popular in wedding bouquets. They are also traditionally used for celebrating the 12th wedding anniversary. So, as this stunning flower blooms between April and June, we’ve put together some interesting fun facts about peonies! Peonies are natively grown […]

Why you should give your Dad flowers this Father’s Day
June 14th, 2018

Why you should give your Dad flowers this Father’s Day When you think of Mothers Day, flowers are the instant go to present to give, but when it comes to Father’s day, not so much. We want to reassure you that there are many masculine flowers and plants to choose from that makes a great […]

Why You Should Have Flowers In The Office
June 6th, 2018

Why You Should Have Flowers In The Office Did you know that there are many benefits of having flowers in the office? They instantly brighten up the room and improve the atmosphere of an office environment. Flowers in any room makes it more welcoming which is something you would want in your workplace. Continue reading […]

Bloom Festival 2018 – You could go FREE!
May 30th, 2018

Bloom Festival is Ireland’s largest garden, food & family event that has been taking place in the Phoenix Park every year since 2007. The event was launched by Bord Bia and showcases the very best gardening and food industry around the country for five days over the June Bank Holiday weekend. The show was inspired […]

Flowers That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing!
May 24th, 2018

Instead of relying on air-fresheners and scented candles to give that sweet and clean smell in your home, why not go for something natural, like flowers! We believe that nothing will ever beat the fresh aroma that comes from flowers. And not only does it give a delightful scent but it is also pleasing in […]

Guide to visiting The Chelsea Flower Show
May 17th, 2018

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of our favourite floral and garden event. It was first put together by the Royal Horticultural Society and had their first show in 1862 in the RHS garden in Kensington. The event was first called ‘The Great Spring Show’ but was later changed to The Chelsea Flower Show […]

Different ways to brighten up your home with flowers
May 9th, 2018

Did you know adding in flowers is the quickest and easiest way to brighten up and add life to any room of the house? If you’re looking to transform the different rooms in your home with a new look without actually going under renovation, we have a listed out five different fun ways to liven […]

How To Choose Flowers Online For Any Occasion
May 2nd, 2018

Flowers can say a lot, “I love you, I’m thinking of you, I’m sorry, You’re beautiful, Thank you” and much more. We believe that there is never a wrong time to send flowers to someone you care about very dearly. Sending flowers lets people know that they are appreciated, and if sending flowers is a […]