Decorate Your Office With Flowers and Plants

October 12th, 2017


Bright lights, white walls, dark carpet, the distant noise of a radio and the constant sound of the loud typing and clicking. No matter what your area is, offices are often pretty much the same all around the country.  This is the place where we exchange our time and skills for money and where we spend most of our days. People usually tend to personalise their working areas and cubicles with photos or beautiful mugs, but the shared space remains blank and dull. If you want to bring fresh and positive vibes to your workdays, our ultimate tip is: start decorating your office with plants and flowers.

A touch of green in your workspace brings many wellness benefits: they can purify the air, boost productivity, reduce stress and minimise allergy symptoms. Get to know more about the mood-boosting properties of plants and flowers in this post.


Which plant should I choose for the office?

You need plants that can survive in an environment with low sunlight, and that have lower maintenance needs. It’s preferable to pick plants that come from tropical or subtropical parts of the world since the climate in offices tends to be warm or mild. Don’t forget: blooming flowers require a higher level of maintenance, and usually, they last for a shorter period.



These plants add a nice touch in every room. Be aware that Azalea absorbs water through their leaves. It’s essential to wet not just around their roots, but also their foliage.

Sun: Shade

Bamboo Palm


Easy to grow, Bamboo palms will add an exotic vibe to your workplace. Water when the soil surface feels dry, but don’t leave it sitting in water.

Sun: Indirect or low sunlight



These plants are used to live in hostile environments, with direct sunlight, high temperatures and infrequently watering. Your office will be a much more welcoming place for them. Water once a week and make sure they are getting enough sunlight.

Sun: Full sunlight

Jade Plant


Also known ‘money tree,’ this is a succulent plant that requires low maintenance. Don’t splash water on the leaves while watering and allow the soil to dry before watering it again.

Sun: Moderate light

Saintpaulia (or African Violet)


Delicate and elegant, a vase of Saintpaulia is a great decorative plant for your desk. Water at the base, as since even a drop can damage the foliage.

Sun: Indirect light or shade

 Snake Plant

best-office-plants-03 (1)

With its tall leaves, Snake Plants filter the air and can live in any environment, even if you forget to water them for a while.

Sun: Indirect or low sunlight

Spider Plant

Spider-plant-ing (1)

A classic indoor plant, with bicolor leaves – vibrant green and white stripes.  Spider Plants are known to boost relative humidity and absorb toxins from the air.

Sun: Indirect or low sunlight

Weeping Fig


These plants thrive better if they are not exposed to cold drafts and sudden temperature changes. Like many humans, Weeping Fig likes consistency, so make sure there are no fluctuations in light levels.

Sun: Bright, indirect sunlight

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